October 26-27, 2023.

AToM Team Meeting

During the Spanish presidency of the EU, Spanish State Archives hosted second live AToM Transnational Steering Committee meeting in Salamanca. Beside working issues focused on Archival finding aid guide, collecting life stories and oral history materials, as well as discussing exhibitions and other planed deliverables, AToM team members also visited Historical Memory Documentary Centre, Cathedral, and other beautiful Salamanca cultural monuments.

June – July, 2023.

AToM Survey

One of the main objectives of the WP5 “Archival and documentary collections on migration” is to explore and define what constitutes a migration fond/collection from archival perspective. A clear and shared understanding of what constitutes a migration fond/collection is crucial for effective archival practice and scholarship in the field of migration studies. The aim of AToM is to harmonise the different perspectives of the European Archives on this matter. For that reason, we are launching a questionnaire among the European archives that can be found in the following link.

All European archives with migration collections are encouraged to participate.

June 28, 2023.

HR AToM Workshop

Archives and Traces of Migration (AToM) educational workshop
AToM project addresses how professionals can augment the existing societal record of migration by encompassing additional forms of documentary materials as well as the perspectives and experiences of those who have migrated. Its intent is to develop and support a multifaceted, best practices approach to appraising, preserving and providing access to the documentary heritage of historical and contemporary migration.

The programme book can be found on the website of ICARUS

May 2, 2023.

AToM Team Meeting

Follow-up to the AToM workshop, AToM Transnational Steering Committee held its regular monthly meeting in Sittard. After many online meetings, planning and work on project  deliverables, it was the first opportunity for in-person gathering of AToM team. Besides working agenda, partners also visited Archive De Domijnen and various local cultural institutions.

May 1, 2023.

AToM workshop

Archive De Domijnen hosted AToM workshop, lead by professors Anna Gilliland and Elizabeth Mullins, organized for project partner organizations who will transfer this knowledge to their institutions and communities. Workshop objectives include preparation of AToM participants to explain the importance and value of enhancing and diversifying the documentary record of migration to a range of audiences;  provide them with professional approaches that can be used to enhance the creation, collection, description and exhibition of documentary heritage of historical and contemporary migration & prepare them to train other documentary heritage professionals and community members in techniques and processes that will support the AToM project and other participatory activities.

January, 2023.

AToM Open Call

In January 2023 ICARUS Croatia published an open call for heritage experts and members of minority communities dealing with documentary collections to join the AToM activities. A collaborative team of experts and enthusiasts who deal with these topics will be actively involved in education programs, exhibitions and other project deliverables. See more at: ICARUS Croatia

October, 2022.

EDT transmedia exhibitions

Creative Europe European Digital Treasures project resulted with three transmedia exhibitions. The second one: Exiles, migratory flows and solidarity has brought together the Spanish State Archives and the State Archives of Hungary, Norway, Malta and Portugal, along with ICARUS (Austria) and the Munster University of Technology (Ireland). This exhibition is the outcome of the European cooperation, a clear example of the combination of the capacities, heritage, diversity, value, and inspiration that gathered  participants to create narratives that combine different technological tools for meeting our past through multiple channels.